Fun In The Sun: The Top 10 Beach Sunscreen’s

It’s almost beach season which not only means skirts, dresses, and bathing suits but it also means sunscreen. We’ve heard for years how the sun causes damage, but with all these new sunscreens there is NO excuse now. Here is a list of the top suncreens brought to you by EWG.  For more information and more... Read more »

10 Dresses For Summer Weddings

While catching the last half of the movie Wedding Crashers the other day it got me thinking about wedding season and for once in my life I don’t actually have a million weddings to attend this summer (soon I’ll be attending baby showers). Although it is nice to attend weddings, shopping for Summer wedding’s can... Read more »

What SHOULD Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

It’s almost summer ladies and gents and that means pulling out the old sunblock, beach towels, and flip flops. What some of us tend to forget is that most of our “old” summer essentials probably need replacing.  Its force of habbit to just grab the same bag with everything you left in from last year. (we are... Read more »

Summer 2012: Get Beach Ready Now

Who’s ready for the beach this year? I know I am! With this rather warm weather we are having on the East Coast, its only making us count down the days till Summer. I don’t know about you but getting beach ready always seems to sneak up on me and before I know it all... Read more »

Lust vs Must: Don’t Break The Bank This Summer

If fashion and style are your obsession then you know just how costly things can be. We’ve all seen in the magazines how to take something expensive and buy the cheaper version; well how many of us actually look up that item from the magazine? I’ll be honest, not me. I’ve thought about it but it always... Read more »