Fashionista‘s Travel editor, Lindsay Carreiro is an Assistant Teacher in Providence, RI with a healthy addiction to Luna Bars and Culinary Mysteries. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, and things that start with “S”.

Have you met Lindsay?

1. What is your favorite Rhode Island moment? Celebrating Bristol’s 4th of July parade each and every year

2. Who is one person living or dead you would like to have dinner with? Hands down, James Dean…oh yea and Michael Cera (big crush)

3. What’s your travel background? Let’s see I’ve been ALL over Canada for the most part. Up and down the east coast. More recently Central America.

4. Romantic city? This is now a toss up between Old Montreal and Whistler, BC

5. What’s the most unexpected [or best or worst] thing that has ever happened to you when you traveled and how did you handle it? While in Costa Rica, I forgot to bring my debit card with me. It was a disaster for a few minutes until I was able to reach my mother who so kindly sent over some money! Thank goodness for mom’s!

6. What place is on your travel bucket list? Why? Right now there are a few; Prague and Rome to name two. I’m interested in them mostly for their history and architecture. (geek I know) I’d also like to eat my way through Rome…. mm

7. What did you do last week that you most regret? I really don’t regret much!

8. Where is your next trip too? Toronto

9. What can I try than is new this week? Texting my brother more–I’m such a slacker!

10. I never travel without my Kindle Fire HD because you can do so much with it! Not only is it fantastic for reading but since it has web access, watching movies on Netflix is a MUST for traveling! It’s got everything I need on it (including a WordPress app) instead of always dragging out my laptop.