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Got Money? Funding My Travels To Costa Rica

Money and travel seem to go hand in hand. I never seem to have enough money to fund all the traveling I’d like to do. So it seems like a shock to most people when the “girl who is always broke” up and decided to visit Costa Rica. A few weeks before I decided to apply for the International Volunteer

Photo Of The Day: Transit Chairs By Boris Bally

These chairs can be actually purchased through Boris Bally which actually happens to be in my home state of Rhode Island! Small world! These chairs are something else!   Materials re-used traffic signs, champagne corks, steel hardware Techniques Humanufactured® (hand-fabricated, pierced, brake-formed, finished) Dimensions 49 1/2 x 17 x 22″ each

In Need Of Some New Luggage?

Vera Bradley‘s got you covered with duffel bags large and small, plus a unquie collection of rolling luggage. I’ve been using Vera Bradley luggage now for quite some time and it really stands up to the wear and tear of traveling; and it looks good so that’s an added bonus! If your new to the inner workings of Vera in

Christmas Come Early With A Faux Stache Travel Mug

I’m making my Christmas list early this year starting with this: Wait for it… Wait for it… Faux Stache Travel Mug How unbelievely clever is this! WHO doesn’t like a good fake mustache?! Santa if your paying attention this is a must have…just sayin

Photo Of The Day: The First Snoopy Ladies Fashion Store In Hong Kong

How on earth did I not know about this! What a gem-a store devoted entirely to Snoopy! This is going on my “must do list”.  How much are flights to Hong Kong anyways?