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Money and travel seem to go hand in hand. I never seem to have enough money to fund all the traveling I’d like to do. So it seems like a shock to most people when the “girl who is always broke” up and decided to visit Costa Rica. A few weeks before I decided to …
These chairs can be actually purchased through Boris Bally which actually happens to be in my home state of Rhode Island! Small world! These chairs are something else!   Materials re-used traffic signs, champagne corks, steel hardware Techniques Humanufactured® (hand-fabricated, pierced, brake-formed, finished) Dimensions 49 1/2 x 17 x 22″ each
Vera Bradley‘s got you covered with duffel bags large and small, plus a unquie collection of rolling luggage. I’ve been using Vera Bradley luggage now for quite some time and it really stands up to the wear and tear of traveling; and it looks good so that’s an added bonus! If your new to the …
I’m making my Christmas list early this year starting with this: Wait for it… Wait for it… Faux Stache Travel Mug How unbelievely clever is this! WHO doesn’t like a good fake mustache?! Santa if your paying attention this is a must have…just sayin
How on earth did I not know about this! What a gem-a store devoted entirely to Snoopy! This is going on my “must do list”.  How much are flights to Hong Kong anyways?