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Waze: Outsmarting Traffic

I hardly post about technology on here and usually if I do it comes in pink. Well for awhile now I have been noticing how great the GPS app that I use on my iphone is becoming. Everytime I use Waze I notice another new feature that I just love . When Waze first started hardly anybody knew what it

Paying too Much for iPhone Paraphernalia?

It’s never been in my nature to boast companies without getting something in return, but in this case I feel like it is my duty to transform those of you who are paying too much for your cell phone accessories. Last weekend I finally purchased the iPhone 5 (it’s about time, eh?). As some of you probably saw, Best Buy

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Bondi-Hang It On

This might be the newest item on my wish list for Santa. Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you… Bondi is a multi-purpose accessory for your phone and or office needs. We were first drawn to Bondi for its ability to hold your phone and hang from your rear-view mirror in your car. Using it for a gps, hands free, and also a
Holiday iPhone Case

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Juicy iPhone Holiday Case

LOVE this iPhone case! For those of you not jumping ship to Samsung and you love pink like us, this case is a serious must! Only Juicy Couture could bring us an iPhone case perfect for a Fashionista. If I had a significant other I would DEFIANTLY be asking for this!

The 12 Days Of Pink: HP Pavilion g6s Series

Ideal for everyone's needs, even those with basic computer skills.