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Waze: Outsmarting Traffic

Waze: Outsmarting Traffic
Waze: Outsmarting Traffic

I hardly post about technology on here and usually if I do it comes in pink. Well for awhile now I have been noticing how great the GPS app that I use on my iphone is becoming. Everytime I use Waze I notice another new feature that I just love .

When Waze first started hardly anybody knew what it was or even used it. I think I was the first one of my friends to really use the app and slowly started to tell people how great I thought it was then. Well if you used Waze in the past or are brand new to it, I highly recommend it.

There are many components to Waze that you will not get with a regular GPS or with even Google Maps.

photo 1

The first feature is syncing it to Facebook. Why is this important? Well when you add an event to your facebook, the address will get stored in Waze, so when it is time to drive to your event you will see the address and you won’t have to manually put it in. I find that super helpful, especially if it helps eliminates a step.

The second reason I love Waze is the police reporting feature. This works two ways. The first being, if you’re driving down the street it will notify you of police presence. SUPER HELPFUL –The second part of that is you are able to 1. say if the police is still there and 2. you are able to add in your own police whereabouts into Waze. I just recently started using the second part of that, it’s great and helps out fellow “Wazers” on the road.

photo 2

The last reason Waze stands out for me is the ability to type in ANYTHING into the search field and 95% of the time it comes back with what you are looking for. This could be the name of a bar or restaurant, banks, gas stations, or simply a genre. It really works like a charm. Especially if you do not know what city or have the exact address you are looking for. I used this app when I rented a car in Denver a few years ago–it was a lifesaver.

photo 3

I quite literally use this app ALL the time. It’s the truth and this is in no way a paid advertisement. I just REALLY like Waze and I hope you do too!

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

Paying too Much for iPhone Paraphernalia?

Paying too Much for iPhone Paraphernalia?
Paying too Much for iPhone Paraphernalia?

It’s never been in my nature to boast companies without getting something in return, but in this case I feel like it is my duty to transform those of you who are paying too much for your cell phone accessories.

Last weekend I finally purchased the iPhone 5 (it’s about time, eh?). As some of you probably saw, Best Buy was having a crazy awesome sale if you traded in your old iPhone 4 or 4s. So of course I jumped on that wagon because, yes, I was still using an iPhone 4 (it’s embarrassing). After going to, two, Best Buy locations I had finally found an iPhone 5 for Verizon that wasn’t sold out.

While the sales representative at Best Buy was very helpful (except when he told me how much better Samsung is) he also tried to sell me a few different things, one of which I did buy.

The first thing he sold me was insurance. Now on my last phone I didn’t have insurance through Verizon because of the price and the fact that even if something happened to my phone I would still have to pay over $100 to get it fixed. Here I was sitting at Best Buy when he informed me that if I got my insurance through the store it would cover everything with no cost to me. It sounded like a no-brainer, I signed up.

The second item he TRIED to sell me on was a package deal. A package that contained a case for my iPhone, a screen protector, and a car charger, all for $60. I literally had to stop him mid-sentence and say “I’ll go online.” I even had to ask if people do buy those packages and he did say yes, which I find ridiculous!

There was no way I was spending $60 on all of that. As soon as I got home I went on eBay. Found an AWESOME case that has a built-in screen protector for a whopping price of $7. No, its not a name brand but for $7 and just because I needed something right away, it would do.

my case--yes I need to do my nails

my case–yes I need to do my nails

Also I should note that on Amazon I found a car charger for $7 as well, I just have yet to purchase it.

I would hope that most people know not to buy cell phone or even iPhone accessories direct from a store like Best Buy.  ALWAYS check online to see if you can get this stuff cheaper. I understand that the waiting for items to come in the mail is a hassle but if you can get over instant gratification for a moment you will save your bank account quite a bit.

My case looks even better in person than it did online–I’m really happy with my purchase, happy shopping!

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Bondi-Hang It On

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Bondi-Hang It On
The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Bondi-Hang It On

This might be the newest item on my wish list for Santa. Why you ask?

Well I’ll tell you…

Bondi is a multi-purpose accessory for your phone and or office needs.

We were first drawn to Bondi for its ability to hold your phone and hang from your rear-view mirror in your car. Using it for a gps, hands free, and also a good place to charge it. What we have discovered with Bondi is that it is so much more than just for your car.


Here’s the skinny:

Hang it to charge your phone

Hang it in your car while you drive

Hang it anywhere to listen to your music

Hang it on your screen, for multiple use

Hang it on your jeans

Holds memos, pictures, letter size paper

Mounts on the table for easy viewing

Book mount and book mark

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Juicy iPhone Holiday Case

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Juicy iPhone Holiday Case
The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Juicy iPhone Holiday Case

LOVE this iPhone case! For those of you not jumping ship to Samsung and you love pink like us, this case is a serious must! Only Juicy Couture could bring us an iPhone case perfect for a Fashionista.

If I had a significant other I would DEFIANTLY be asking for this!

Holiday iPhone Case

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

The 12 Days Of Pink: HP Pavilion g6s Series

The 12 Days Of Pink: HP Pavilion g6s Series

With a sleek design and reliable performance, our affordable Pavilion g6s series with 15.6″ (diagonal) high-def§§ LED display is ideal for everyday needs.

  • Intel second-generation Core I processors (upgradeable)
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Fast, easy, trusted Web browsing with Windows Internet Explorer1
  • 512MB and 1GB graphics options
  • Built in Wi-Fi (Wireless-N1)
  • A 6-cell battery (as compared with 4-cell)
  • Everything you need to manage e-mail, Web surfing, music