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3 Basic Dresses for Summer

I freaking love summer for so many reasons, one of those reasons are of course dresses. I don’t know about you but I hardly ever wear capris or even shorts for that matter. The fact that I am short myself and a little on the curvy side, I have a hard time finding shorts that look and feel good, and

Sample sized savings

I love trying out new beauty products. It can often be hard to find new items without spending a fortune on regular sized products. The travel section of stores is often limited to when it comes to different brand. We have discovered some not-so secrets when it comes to trying out new products. The first being Birchbox. This is a

Get a freight forwarder to beat your freight quote

Sending a delivery can be an expensive thing to do, especially if the delivery is urgent and you don’t have a lot of time to shop around. Extra delivery costs are inconvenient and often unnecessary, so it’s always good to plan in advance and find a way out of paying these extra costs. Shopping around is always a good thing

The 12 Days of Pink: Rainebrooke checkpoint-friendly cases

It’s been three years of our 12 Days of Pink. Each and every year I have to put Rainebrooke in the mix. When we first started this blog, Rainebrooke was the first company to reach out and offer us up samples of some of their pink laptop bags and cases. Three years later, we are still loving what they have

Hotel Prices Got You Down? Try Airbnb Instead

Lets face it hotels are not cheap.  With a trip to Toronto quickly approaching, it was time to figure out where on earth I was going to stay.  After searching many hotels in the area it was clear I was going to be dropping about $140 a night for 3 nights, yikes! There was no way I was going to be able to