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Aerial View Sea Point

Planning a trip to South Africa

So you want to go on a safari? Hey, so don’t we! As this year starts to come to a close (yes we realize it’s only October) it has us thinking what we are saving our money for next year. Going on safari is still at the near top of our bucket list so we decided to do a little
Castle Hill

5 Weekend Worthy Trips

It’s about that time when summer is coming to an end and you start realizing that you haven’t done much in the form of a vacation or if your feeling British, a holiday. Over the summer I tend to take mini-vacations. I like driving somewhere for a few hours and just getting away from it all without all of the
The view from outside is amazing!

24hrs in Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is hands down one of my favorite places to visit here on the east coast. After having a roommate in college who is from the area, I really got to know Portland as more than just a place to visit. Between the food, craft beer, and sites, it is easily a city that I would move to in

Top 5 African Safari Experiences

Going on an African safari is hands down #1 on my bucket list. A lot of people don’t know where or how to start planning a safari or getting in touch with a company that will handle it and help you along the way. After doing some research on we have come up with some not miss safari experiences. 1. The

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Property in Turkey

Turkey? No, I’m not talking about the kind we eat on Thanksgiving. The country of Turkey didn’t really stand out to me before doing a bit of research on it but for those of you with a geological brain fart, Turkey is surrounded by Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. So why am I writing about Turkey? A