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Want Food? Will Travel

Want Food? Will Travel
Want Food? Will Travel

Food and travel seem to go hand in hand.  There is almost always memories that are associated with food and when travel is involved its almost inevitable. How often do we find ourselves remembering some great times and also saying “hey remember that amazing meal we had.”

This got me thinking; I’ve had some of the best food of my life while I have been traveling. I’m constantly wishing I either had access to those amazing meals or how I could recreate it here in Rhode Island. Well the later is often difficult so here is the question I have for you; where would you travel for food? 

Since deciding to write this post I  have been thinking (drooling) about all the amazing food I’ve tasted in different parts of North and Central America.

What foods will make this list? Lets read on shall we…


Conch Fritters-Key West, FL 

I’ve visited Key West a handful of times and without fail I have to stop at the Hogs Breath. While this dive-like bar might not have a dress code they do make some amazing conch fritters.  What is a conch fritter you ask?  Conch, pronounced /ˈkɒŋk/ are sea snails. Snails? Did I really just say I love snails? Yep, I’m pretty sure I did, only when battered and deep fried.  They are delicious. For those of you in New England I would compare them to a clam cake.

Shake Shack Burger and Fries-New York City 

This might be the only item on my list that is actually doable to visit on a semi-regular basis. On my last visit to New York City, the Shake Shack was recommended by fellow travel bloggers. We stopped, we ate, we fell in love. Our must order when arriving was the Shack burger. Which is a cheeseburger covered in shack sauce, lettuce, and tomato. We also decided to indulge in cheese fries, which were deliciously covered in Shack cheddar and American cheese.  Amazing isn’t even the word, thank you New York City.

Beer Battered Brown Bag Fish and Chips-Prince Edward Island

This may seem like I’m cheating on Rhode Island but I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve had some of the best fish and chips while visiting PEI. These are not traditional fish and chips. For starters the portion size was actually appropriate and they actually contained fish! After stopping at Gahan House in Charlottetown, I was hooked and preceded to order fish and chips on the rest of my tour of Halifax and St. John.  The fish is ridiculously fresh and there is just something about them arriving to your table in a brown bag that makes it all the better. Although trying to order sour cream with my fries made for some strange looks. (I think that’s only a Lindsay thing)


Beavertails is a place where you can get dough-boys or in Canada Beavertails. These are the typical Rhode Island dough-boys  these are long, beaver tail shaped fried dough.  What makes these really unique is the toppings that are added to it. My personal favorite is a Beavertail with Nutella. The next best thing is a Beavertail with Nutella and bananas. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Of course this can be duplicated here in Rhode Island but its just not the same.

Empanada’s-Costa Rica

While I may be making an assumption here because Costa Rica is the only Hispanic country that I have visited but what they are doing with their Empanada’s is amazing. After visiting Costa Rica this summer it was hands down the best food that I have ever tasted. If unfamiliar with Empanada’s they are friend dough that is stuffed with meats and cheeses. Of if you prefer just cheese. My favorite is chicken and cheese. I also have to throw coffee into the mix in Costa Rica, second to Columbia they have the best coffee, I was lucky enough to bring some back and not a day goes by that I don’t wish I had some more.

So are you getting hungry yet? I’m starving and this was starting to remind me of a Travel Channel show. Well nonetheless its fun to go down food memory lane and pinpoint some of your best meals and or snacks. What are some of yours? Sharing is caring so happy eating!




Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

I Left My Heart In Costa Rica

I Left My Heart In Costa Rica
I Left My Heart In Costa Rica

I left my heart in Costa Rica. It’s true. I can not tell a lie. As the Summer fades away I can’t help but be saddened by how much I miss Costa Rica.

It’s been a few months now since I’ve been home and back to the daily grind but almost everyday I think about Costa Rica and the children whose faces I miss (even when I didn’t think I would).

So while I’ve been having nostalgia for this awesome country I thought I might share with you the things I miss about Costa Rica and the things I don’t (I mean really don’t).

Bad news first:

I hate to break it to you Costa Rica but I DO NOT MISS all the hills. If you’ve ever ventured to the city of San Pedro you know what I’m talking about. The hills are just EVERYWHERE.

I also DO NOT MISS no sidewalks. Its like your just walking in the middle of the street. And those streets that do have sidewalks are usually covered in construction.

Here’s the big one: I DO NOT MISS not being able to flush toilet paper! This was probably the biggest adjustment I had to make while I was there. Pretty much only the airport allows for toilet paper to be flushed. I know what your all thinking, what about when you have to go “number 2″? Well it gets a tad awkward.

I DO NOT MISS having to check the numbers on the side of the cab to make sure it is a legit cab. True story, you have to make sure that your getting into a “real cab”. They feed on tourists.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, lets talk about all the things I MISS about Costa Rica.


…My host family

…The children of the Abraham Project

…Teaching ESL

…Speaking “Spanglish”

…All of my new found friends in the Teaching English program

…Homemade Empanada’s

…Teaching my host family words in English (such as yummy)

…Drinking large glasses of orange flavored beer

…$1 Tequilla shots

…My amazing tan

…Finding Tom’s brand shoes for $10 

…Movie nights

…Chasing the dog Bianca around the house

…Having the dog Bianca sneeze in my crotch

…Fresh squeezed juice

…Taking the time to appreciate life


So as you can see my list of things that I miss out weighs the things that I don’t miss. Its easy to see why, visiting Costa Rica was hands down the best experience of my life thus far. Venturing out on my own took great guts and I have so much to show for it now.

So while I may have left my heart in Costa Rica, I know that there is always a part of my heart there, how many people can say that?

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

I’m Coming Home: Final Day’s In Costa Rica

I’m Coming Home: Final Day’s In Costa Rica
I’m Coming Home: Final Day’s In Costa Rica

Let me just start by saying that two weeks in Costa Rica was NOT enough time. I literally had the time of my life while I was there and no I’m not just talking about the partying.

My last few day’s in San Pedro were amazing. Let me break it down for you.


This was my last official day volunteering for my project. There was one girl who I know was going to be really sad to learn it was my last day.  But to my surprise it was really ALL of my kids who were really sad.  Not only was my class really appreciative of all the hard work I put in but they were so grateful in fact that they threw me a FIESTA!

I was so shocked that they had put this together, it was overwhelming.  It’s really nice to know that even in just two weeks you can still have an amazing impact on children.

The fiesta consisted of lots of homemade food, such as empanadas’, bread pudding, chips and dip, and also sandwiches. Mind you this was at 9:00am so I find myself stuffing my face with re-fried bean empanadas’ and jam sandwiches. (and I wonder why I gained 5 lbs) After eating, I was presented with a few letters that the children had written to me.  Once I got them translated it was the most touching moment I’ve had in a long time.

Once my English classes were done for the day I headed back to my host family and began to pack up my stuff.  Surreal is what I could use to describe how I was feeling.  It literally felt like I had just arrived and now I was already leaving. If I thought saying goodbye to the children was going to be hard I had no idea how I was going to say goodbye to all the new friends I had made.

Tara, Kelly, Swetha, Karen

Luckily that night we managed to get a group of people to hit up the local bar that we had been frequenting since arriving.  Caccio’s home to the orange beer that successfully aided in the weight I gained. Thursday night was probably the one of the best nights out in Costa Rica. There is nothing like a group of people drinking, dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs to really make a lasting impression.


My last day, well really my last morning. I was picked up at 8:30am and taken to the airport.  After a few tears with my housemate, I headed out.  I started remembering how I first felt on that drive in two weeks ago. I was scared out of my mind and now I was more comfortable than I had ever thought I would be.

I won’t bore you with how my flights and airport waiting were although I will add that this was the first time that the airline managed to lose my luggage, I guess that’s what I get for flying on Friday the 13th.

There is something to be said for taking on new adventures especially when you’re at a point in your life where you don’t think you are able too. The past 7 months  for me have been the most difficult that I have experienced in a long time.

I took a chance and flew to Costa Rica, not knowing anything or anyone and I managed to come  out of it a changed person. Not only did I make a difference in the lives of children but I just made some of the best friends that I know will be around for a long time. I highly recommend volunteering abroad, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

ESL Costa Rica 2012 {Photos}

ESL Costa Rica 2012 {Photos}
ESL Costa Rica 2012 {Photos}

I realized that while I’ve been writing everyday that I’m here most of you haven’t seen many of the photos I’ve been taking.

Here are a few of the students and the fun we’ve been having!




















Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

Making Menus In Costa Rica: Day 9

Making Menus In Costa Rica: Day 9


I had one of my best lessons as an ESL teacher thus far. We have been working on introducing new vocabulary to the children and decided to work on food. More importantly the different foods they eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

That being said we thought it would be fun to create their own restaurant menus. After reviewing a lot of different vocabulary we began to demonstrate what a menu looked like and what it consisted of.

By creating a menu on the board we broke down each part and explained how it looked and how much each item cost.

It was amazing which children had no idea which food items belonged in which category. You can tell which children are exposed to new and different foods.

The end result of the menus was more than I could have asked for. Some even went as far as to create names for their restaurants-my favorite one titled “beautiful foot”.

It still hasn’t hit me I’m leaving soon-I really wish I had more time to devote to them. The next lesson on their homes should be a big hit as we create floor plans!

Till next time…


Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*