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Color Blocking Is Not Just For Clothes

Do you color block? I’ll admit that I don’t do it much either but I would be looking to start somewhere. One of the best places to start with new trends is with bags. You can color block your bags for a lot less then you think. Don’t be afraid of new trends-embrace them!

And as always each bag is under $50-how great is that?!

Which one is your favorite?

Color Block Your Bags

Linen handbag
$30 - yesstyle.com

Neon handbag
$19 - macys.com

Rock handbag
$40 - macys.com

$38 - lodis.com

Clutch handbag
£18 - bankfashion.co.uk

Big Buddha printed handbag
$45 - zappos.com

Shoulder handbag
$50 - dsw.com

Blue handbag
$40 - dsw.com

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Written by Lindsay Carreiro

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