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Dear Super Skinny

Dear Super Skinny,

I want to take a break. We’ve had a good run but I don’t think it’s going to work out anymore; I’ve met someone else.

I’m sorry to say it but there is now someone else in my life. Someone who does the same job as you but only cheaper. I hate to throw out that word but it’s the truth. I’ve loved spending the last 3 years with you but it’s time for a break. I need to give this new product a try. I think it’ll be better for both of us if you pick up and move out of my bathroom before I have to put you away myself.

I’m not saying we will never see each other again but for now distance is the best thing. I wish you all the luck in all the future hair you will have the pleasure of styling. You truly are a great hair product and up until recently I didn’t think there was anything else out there like you.

Please do not get jealous of KMS Quick Blow Dry, you two run in completely different circles and I do not see the need for hostility in the bathroom. I hope I can still recommend you to others while I give it a run with KMS.





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Written by Lindsay Carreiro

Lindsay Carreiro is the woman behind Fashionista’s Travel. She is obsessed with fashion and style, as well as her love for exploring new places. She can be a bit of a wine snob and a sassy pants. Don’t say we didn’t warn you :)

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