How To Exfoliate Your Skin For A Youthful And Healthy Look?


More than likely you do everything you can think of to keep your skin looking its best. You use the best cleansers and have an incredible moisturizer. However, if you are not exfoliating, you are not giving your skin the treatment it truly needs.

Remove Dead Skin Cell by Exfoliating

The process of exfoliating simply scrubs away all of the dead skin cells that accumulate on your body, sexy isn’t it? But do you really want to have dead skin cells on you longer than needed? In addition, if you love to pamper yourself with exotic creams and lotions, exfoliation is the best way to prepare your skin. Once the dead skin has been removed, those creams and moisturizers will actually be able to do their job.


Exfoliate Entire Body

While most people just exfoliate their face, the treatment is best used on the entire body. Your body will feel fully rejuvenated after a thorough scrubbing. The following will walk you through the entire process, making you feel like a rockstar!

While you may just want to jump into the shower and get going, it is best to take your loofah or body brush and run it over your body. You can also utilize Microdermamitt mitts to exfoliate the face or body. This is going to help in the process of removing all the dead skins. You will want to start at the soles of your feet and work your way up.

Step into the shower and run water over your entire body. Use a good pumice stone on feet to help eliminate really rough spots.


Use Exfoliating Cleanser

Find an exfoliating cleanser that you are happy with and apply it to a loofah and scrub in a circular motion. Once again start at your feet and work your way up. When you reach your bikini area, scrub much more gently.

Rinse your body with lukewarm water and follow through with cold. This will ensure that your body feels incredible after the process.