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Re-think New York Color

New York Color or better known as NYC at CVS or your local drugstore is often overlooked. You will find it on an end-cap in the makeup section but if you look closely you will find some great products. It’s known for being very inexpensive but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a look.

It’s no secret that I love brands such as Benefit and Anastasia but as of lately this girl is on a serious budget. The other day I was in my local CVS trying to find a cheapish nail polish. I of course went right over to OPI and Essie but I just couldn’t justify spending $8 on nail polish especially since it seems to chip 2 days later anyways. I stumbled upon a great shade from Maybelline and as I was making my way to the top-coats I saw NYC. Again, I could spend more money on a top-coat polish from Sally Hansen or I could spend .99 on one from NYC.


The choice was pretty easy. While I was picking up the top-coat polish I really started to give the rest of their products a closer look. I noticed that they had made a lip color that was identical to Clinque’s Chubby Stick and I believe a few other makeup brands sell a similar one. I had been interested in trying out a new shade, lately I’m obsessed with “nude” colors. I decided to try it. As some one that never lived without their Clinque Chubby Stick, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

I walked out of CVS with 3 items and spending $10. Two of which were from NYC. I’ve used both the top-coat polish that is RIDICULOUSLY shiny and the lip color and I’m really happy with both. I’m going back today to scope out a new foundation and eyebrow pencil. It’s really refreshing to find new brands to use that don’t cost a lot. If your on a budget like me I would really recommend NYC.  Tell us what bargain brands you use in the comments below!

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Written by Lindsay Carreiro

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