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Review: Dream Fresh BB Cream

Are BB creams still all the rage? Are people still looking for a good one? I hope so on both accounts or you’ll probably stop reading soon!

It’s been awhile now since switching over from Garnier’s BB Cream to Dream Fresh.  I know that I wrote an earlier post about Garnier but I feel like it is my duty to revise my previous statement. While I did actually like using their BB Cream after a few weeks it started to make me break out. I suppose I should have given it a bit more time. Anyways moving on.

For those of you interested in what Maybelline has to offer, you should totally check out Dream Fresh BB Cream. Like I said before I’ve been using it for a few months now and I must say its “not bad”. It’s not great either but it does the job for $8. If you have sensitive skin I would stay away from Garnier’s BB Cream and also L’Oreals CC Cream, both of which were horrible for my skin.

So this cream I use after my regular moisturizer (which I will be writing about on here very soon). The color I chose is pretty light so I always have to put a bronzer over. The good news is, it is not filled with any oils and it does even out my complexion.

I feel like the hunt for the perfect BB or CC cream is out there but its just going to take some time. If your looking for a bargain BB cream, you really can’t go wrong with Dream Fresh.

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