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Sexy One-Piece Bathing Suits

It’s almost summer, have you seen the stores, they are already putting out bathing suits-every girls worst nightmare.

I was never the person into one-piece bathing suits before but after putting on some weight (and then losing it) I discovered that just because it is a one-piece doesn’t mean its something your mom would wear.

I’ve found 4 really great bathing suits that not only are sexy and classy but they look great on everyone. Let us know your top picks for one-piece bathing suits this summer!


Sexy One-Piece's For Every Body Shape

Vintage swimwear
$36 - myhotshoes.com

One piece swimwear
$38 - myhotshoes.com

Retro swimwear
$38 - myhotshoes.com

Retro bathing suit
$38 - myhotshoes.com

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