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Dear Super Skinny

Dear Super Skinny
Dear Super Skinny

Dear Super Skinny,

I want to take a break. We’ve had a good run but I don’t think it’s going to work out anymore; I’ve met someone else.

I’m sorry to say it but there is now someone else in my life. Someone who does the same job as you but only cheaper. I hate to throw out that word but it’s the truth. I’ve loved spending the last 3 years with you but it’s time for a break. I need to give this new product a try. I think it’ll be better for both of us if you pick up and move out of my bathroom before I have to put you away myself.

I’m not saying we will never see each other again but for now distance is the best thing. I wish you all the luck in all the future hair you will have the pleasure of styling. You truly are a great hair product and up until recently I didn’t think there was anything else out there like you.

Please do not get jealous of KMS Quick Blow Dry, you two run in completely different circles and I do not see the need for hostility in the bathroom. I hope I can still recommend you to others while I give it a run with KMS.





Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

What Do I Pack? Have Fun and Travel Light

What Do I Pack? Have Fun and Travel Light
What Do I Pack? Have Fun and Travel Light

The battle between looking fashionable and traveling is always such a nightmare. The biggest question we get is “how can I look great without packing a lot?” It’s something I’ve been fighting with since I started traveling. You can often find solutions, such as wearing pants twice or my personal favorite, black leggings (that go with anything). However if you are a bit tired of leggings, and lets face it we all get sick of the same thing, let me introduce designer Diane Kroe.

Diane Kroe is a Toronto based designer that has one thing on the brain, making fashion more travel friendly. Her line of distinct fashion and travel friendly clothes will make you want to burn those leggings.

Diane opened her own retail location in Toronto –“Diane Kroe” – and was named “Best Designer Boutique” for eight consecutive years by The North Toronto Post. Diane subsequently sold the store and launched her “Travel Collection” in 2008. The success of the line led to designing collections for leading resorts, spas and hotels across Canada.

Her collection consists of items that can be worn multiple ways. It varies from all in one dresses, to all in one tops, resort dresses, bubble dresses, cross tops, and wrap tops. Are you drooling yet??



If you’re traveling or just looking for some new style for the upcoming warmer months then head on over to Diane Kroe to purchase some fabulous fashion and travel friendly pieces.



As you can see there are many options when it comes to Diane Kroe–you won’t be sorry! Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming soon!




Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

Prom Re-Do?

Prom Re-Do?

If you could re-do your prom would you? Dress, shoes, DATE? What would you change?

With it being prom season and all it got me thinking about my senior prom; the limo, bringing in Jennifer Love Hewits picture to my hair dresser, hotel rooms, and Wendy’s afterwards.

I had a great time at my prom don’t get me wrong but with today’s styles I would much rather wear something trendier then the typical bridesmaid dress EVERYONE wore.

So that being said I decided to style for the prom in my head and if I were to get asked out by that cute guy in my Biology class; here’s what I would wear:

If you could re-do your prom would you?

Prom gown
$135 - pacificplex.com

Giuseppe Zanotti strappy high heels
$1,295 - barneys.com

Alexander mcqueen clutch
$2,650 - forwardforward.com
Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

In Need Of Some New Foundation?

In Need Of Some New Foundation?

Foundation is always the one thing I seem to be constantly switching up. It can often be hard to find the exact one to suit your individual needs. It’s also hard to find some great ones without having to buy them.

I’ve managed to compile a pretty good list of some of the best foundations that I’ve used and other’s have used as well. Let us know if there is any we should add to the list! My personal favorite’s are NARS and Napoleon Perdis.

Looking For Some New Foundation?

NARS Cosmetics matte foundation
$45 - narscosmetics.com

BareMinerals foundation
£22 - johnlewis.com

Napoleon Perdis foundation
$50 - nordstrom.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics foundation
£29 - harrods.com

Laura mercier foundation
$42 - saksfifthavenue.com

Estée Lauder foundation
£27 - debenhams.com

Lancôme matte foundation
$44 - saksfifthavenue.com

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*

Destination Wedding Guest?

Destination Wedding Guest?

Please note: That while I love this style-$$$ can often be a factor, these are really great jumping off points and its EASY to find knock offs!

Take it from someone that has attended a good deal of weddings over the past two years. It seems more and more people are getting married and sometimes you often have to travel a bit to attend them. Here are a few ideas to get you started if you just happen to be a destination wedding guest.


Destination Wedding Guest

Lanvin draped dress
€2.543 - leclaireur.com

ANNIE high heel shoes
€45 - nelly.com

Lanvin clutch handbag
£825 - net-a-porter.com

Laura Mercier face powder
$34 - nordstrom.com

Natori Bloom Sheared Print Beach Towel
$45 - bloomingdales.com

Thanks for reading! XOXO *Lindsay*