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Quirks Of Costa Rica: Day 5

Well its been five days here and its going by so quickly. Writing everyday while I’m here has been new and also challenging for me–I don’t usually write every single day. While I’ve been here for five days there have been many quirks about Costa Rica that I’m finally starting to get used too. I’m sure this list will grow

Exhausted In Costa Rica: Day 3

I think that the title of my post really says it all. Today was an exhausting day. 5:45am Wake up! Really hard to do considering that we had gone out the night before. However we didn’t stay too late but late enough when your waking up early. I should mention that last night was really fun and the bars in

I Hate Beets: Costa Rica Day 2

Lets talk about beets shall we… I hate them. Thankfully my mother when I was young didn’t make them much which means I wasn’t super exposed. However, today I was REALLY exposed! Beets and potatoes for lunch-I kid you not.  I choked it down only because I was hungry but I gotta tell you, I’d love to never eat that

Losing Cash In Costa Rica: Day 1

Where do I begin???? All the months of waiting have finally arrived-I am finally in San Jose, Costa Rica! Lets start from the beginning of this glorious day shall we. 2:45am WAKE UP! After only have three hours of sleep? Yes, time to get to Boston. 4:30am Arrive in Boston and as luck would have it no line at the

A To Z Of Little Old Me

After reading a post entitled “ABC’s of me” and deciding that it was a genius idea for a blog post, I thought why not give it a try and see what I come up with! Here goes nothing! Its harder then it looks… American Airlines is the airline I will be taking on my very first solo trip to Costa Rica. Bathing Suits