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Quirks Of Costa Rica: Day 5

Well its been five days here and its going by so quickly. Writing everyday while I’m here has been new and also challenging for me–I don’t usually write every single day.

While I’ve been here for five days there have been many quirks about Costa Rica that I’m finally starting to get used too.

I’m sure this list will grow longer as my time progresses here but for today’s post I thought I’d share some of the quirks that make Costa Rica, Costa Rica.

  1. You can’t throw toilet paper in the toilet. True Story–it takes some getting used too but it’s probably the most inconvenient thing that I’m currently dealing with. I mean it’s not bad when your just taking a piss (pardon my language) but when you gotta “go number 2″ yea, things just get uncomfortable real fast.
  2. Bus fare–the bus fare here is different depending on which bus you get on and how far you are coming from. There is no set bus fare like back home. Sometimes a bus is 210 or 250 and sometimes even 305. It’s hard to remember how much money you should be taking out to prepare yourself.
  3. Colonies–the currency here definitely takes some getting used too. Especially when purchasing items or trying to figure out cab fare. Most items are marked as 2,000 colonies which is the equivalent to $4.  I’m getting better at it but I’m afraid I’ll be getting ripped off at some point.
  4. Spanish–speaking Spanish is hard work; I’ve just about mastered saying, hello, goodbye, and I like it. I never realized how difficult and isolating it can be when you don’t speak the langauge of the country you are in.
  5. Hot water–is apparently a hot commodity around these parts. Not so much for the house I’m staying in but for many of my other friends.  They will typically have their water shut off for hours in the afternoon with no explanation as to why.
  6. Blondes–another hot commodity. I’ve been told several times that blondes are a rare species (in not so many words) so basically you can imagine that I am often stared at when I’m out.
  7. Meal times–not only have I had to adjust to being two hours ahead but I’ve also had to adjust my eating schedule. I eat breakfast everyday at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:00pm. Lunch is usually around noon which works but it’s still been an adjustment. It’s hard to wait for dinner at 7pm when I’m used to eating at 5pm. I’ll probably adjust just when its time to come home.
I’m looking forward to discovering many other quirks that Costa Rica has to offer and I will be able to update this list with many more.
I will apologize now for my lack of writing this weekend–there is a beach trip to Manual Antonio and my laptop will be staying put!


Exhausted In Costa Rica: Day 3

I think that the title of my post really says it all. Today was an exhausting day.


Wake up! Really hard to do considering that we had gone out the night before. However we didn’t stay too late but late enough when your waking up early.

I should mention that last night was really fun and the bars in Costa Rica are so laid back and CHEAP! I sampled some awesome orange beer and I really wish I had taken a photo but its not really safe to bring your phone out with you at night, especially at crowded bars.



Shovel in breakfast for 15minutes and then run to catch a 6:55am bus.

The good news is that I made the bus and now that I’ve got the right currency I feel much better about buying and paying my way around the city.


Hop on another bus to my site (the school where I will be working).


Get off the bus and WALK another 5 blocks to school.


First interaction with the children. There are 20 of them aged 10-12; starting tomorrow they will be mine and another girls from 8-11:30am. I’m really looking forward to helping them learn English.

However today was just a relaxed day filled with playing games, taking pictures, and getting to know them.


Arrive back at the main building; grab a snack and start to plan out tomorrow’s lesson.

We plan on starting with the Alphabet because they hardly knew any of the letters. It should be a really good stepping stone for them and for us.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of eating lunch and exploring. We took another bus downtown to San Jose and explored the local shopping and Mercado Central.

Crowded isn’t even the word I would use to describe it. It’s got this awesome New York meets Europe vibe that’s really amazing on so many levels.

Today I was on the hunt for a change purse and some postcards to send out.

Great success on both fronts!

There is much more walking here than I had previously anticipated and consequently my feet, calves, and ankles are pretty much killing me.

Other than that my experience thus far has been off the charts.

I literally feel like I’ve known the girls I’m staying with for years-we’ve created such incredible bonds its amazing. 

Meanwhile I’m still starving, waiting for dinner, so that being said I’m stuffing my face with pretzels while my house mates eat nuts.

Yep, that’s my night.


I Hate Beets: Costa Rica Day 2

Lets talk about beets shall we…

I hate them. Thankfully my mother when I was young didn’t make them much which means I wasn’t super exposed.

However, today I was REALLY exposed!

Beets and potatoes for lunch-I kid you not.  I choked it down only because I was hungry but I gotta tell you, I’d love to never eat that again.

Anyways so with the exception of my “so so” lunch today was day 1 of my orientation!

Which basically means I got to know where I’ll be teaching English and it’s actually in a goregous place-I was shocked to be honest.

Today was filled with more walking than I care to admit and the sweat, well lets just say was pouring off my body.

I took an ESL class today which was extremely helpful and should come in handy tomorrow when I finally start teaching. Thank goodness I’m paired up with another girl to teach with because it’s kind of intimidating.

Tonight we were going to try salsa lessons but decided to skip it due to ESL running a tad late. We are however heading out to the bar tonight to meet up with a few people. Hopefully not staying too late-I need to be up at 5:45am, yikes!

There is talk of planning a beach trip this weekend which should be AMAZING. I’m so glad I will get to do a bit of traveling while I am here in Costa Rica.

I’m starting to feel acquainted a bit more and tomorrow will really be the test-as I venture out on my own.

Time for a shower and then a few beers-cheers!


Losing Cash In Costa Rica: Day 1

Where do I begin????

All the months of waiting have finally arrived-I am finally in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Lets start from the beginning of this glorious day shall we.


WAKE UP! After only have three hours of sleep? Yes, time to get to Boston.


Arrive in Boston and as luck would have it no line at the gate so there I was with plenty of time to kill and a Starbucks to drink!


Take off to Miami–nothing overly interesting to report on this flight which I actually think is a really good concept, I mean who wants an eventful flight?


Arrive in Miami–must find food!! Being up at 2:30am really makes you hungry come 10am. So I found some pizza and proceeded to shovel it into my mouth at 10:30am.


Killing time in the airport while a group of foreign teenage girls proceeded to hoot and holler the whole time. (I’m pretty sure they were talking about me)


Take off to San Jose! Yes the moment I had been waiting for…nervous wreck party of 1

I think my exact words that I uttered to myself as I proceeded to disembark were “what have I gotten myself into?”


Get through immigration and customs–smooth sailing


Find ride home from airport? Yes its hectic and it took forever! Needless to say I was off and running. With a quick trip to the main building it was off to meet my host family.

Nervous wreck party of 1….

Thankfully my host family is AWESOME and the girls I’m here with are really great as well.

Now onto the most eventful part of my day, the moment I discovered that I had forgotten my debit card. Now I do have my credit card but I do not have a pin number to go with it…needless to say I won’t be withdrawing money anytime soon.

So what on earth am I gonna do?

I’ll tell you…I broke down and called my mom. And as luck would have it she is going to Western Union me money tomorrow!

Thank the lord, you can all rest easy that I won’t be selling myself out to make money.

In other news I’m starving because here in San Jose they are two hours behind and we have yet to eat dinner….

However they do have WiFi which means I should be able to write each day of this journey…how exciting is that?!

Ok I’m off to do something….



A To Z Of Little Old Me

After reading a post entitled “ABC’s of me” and deciding that it was a genius idea for a blog post, I thought why not give it a try and see what I come up with!

Here goes nothing! Its harder then it looks…

  • American Airlines is the airline I will be taking on my very first solo trip to Costa Rica.
  • Bathing Suits are my favorite form of apparel during the summer months in little Rhody.
  • Castle Hill is mine and the boyfriend’s favorite spot to grab a drink in Newport, RI.
  • Dunkin Donuts is my least favorite coffee on this planet!
  • Early morning singing in the shower is my favorite past time.
  • Fresh soap from LUSH is a dream come true.
  • Galapagos Islands are on my bucket list.
  • Honey Dew IS my favorite brand of coffee especially the Mocha!
  • Ice Coffee seems to only be a New England thing, I like that about us.
  • Just Sayin is my favorite #hashtag to use and some might say I use it too much.
  • Karma will come back to bite you in the ass or in my case make you fall down the stairs.
  • Lindsay is in love with Mike #justsayin
  • Money will not stop me from traveling this summer.
  • Never regretting anything is something that I pride myself on.
  • Orgasms make the world go round #justsayin
  • Poka Dots look awesome on just about everyone.
  • Quilt weather is upon us, its 60 degrees here today!
  • Rachel from Friends will still be one of my idols.
  • Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell is a must for every girl.
  • Travel accessories by Vera Bradley last forever.
  • Umbrella’s that are mini tend to break easliy, I’ve gone through 3 of them in 6 months.
  • Vichy water spray is one of the best things to travel with, give your face a little wake up call.
  • Waiting for July 1st to come so I can get my volunteering on in Costa Rica.
  • X-ray is probably what I should have had done when I fell down the stairs, instead I’m sitting here with a bruised bottom.
  • You are the only person that can make your dreams come true, something I just started learning.
  • Zebra print is far superior to Leopard, I will wear anything with a zebra pint.

I would challenge everyone to give it a shot and see what they come up with.

photo by: james.swenson13