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The 12 Days of Pink: Starlet Glam Bath & Body

Starlet Glam is a high end, luxurious collection of bath & body products born out of an addiction ~ and an indulgence. It’s a blend of glamorous beauty, health and well being. All products were created to nourish the skin to perfection. The decadent scents are known to cling to the skin and linger making our collection extra special! They’ll

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Sangria Sparkling Violet Heart Gem Earrings

Once again I would love to welcome the fabulous designs of Jaclyn Murphy the creator of Luniac Style. ¬†Nothing say’s your ready for the holiday’s than with a pair of these gorgeous earrings. Super fly, super fabulous, super sparkling violet heart earrings are the bomb! Sparkle into any room you walk into and dazzle everyone ladies! Large and light heart
au revior

Keep Calm And Travel On: A Collection Of Must Have’s

With a few major trips planned for this summer we have decided to showcase a few of our favorite travel accessories in the form of passport covers. I find that the best way to find a truley unquie passport cover is to visit the wonderful world of Etsy. Here you can find one of a kind covers that will suit

Christmas Come Early With A Faux Stache Travel Mug

I’m making my Christmas list early this year starting with this: Wait for it… Wait for it… Faux Stache Travel Mug How unbelievely clever is this! WHO doesn’t like a good fake mustache?! Santa if your paying attention this is a must have…just sayin

I Love You From Here To Australia

Looking for a unquie gift? I think we may have found you one… Its called Travel Art and its simply a delicious collection of fabulous travel related sayings. I think it would be great to give this gift to a fellow traveler or to someone who stays home while you do the traveling-either way I think you can really¬†encompass¬† how