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Waze: Outsmarting Traffic

I hardly post about technology on here and usually if I do it comes in pink. Well for awhile now I have been noticing how great the GPS app that I use on my iphone is becoming. Everytime I use Waze I notice another new feature that I just love .

When Waze first started hardly anybody knew what it was or even used it. I think I was the first one of my friends to really use the app and slowly started to tell people how great I thought it was then. Well if you used Waze in the past or are brand new to it, I highly recommend it.

There are many components to Waze that you will not get with a regular GPS or with even Google Maps.

photo 1

The first feature is syncing it to Facebook. Why is this important? Well when you add an event to your facebook, the address will get stored in Waze, so when it is time to drive to your event you will see the address and you won’t have to manually put it in. I find that super helpful, especially if it helps eliminates a step.

The second reason I love Waze is the police reporting feature. This works two ways. The first being, if you’re driving down the street it will notify you of police presence. SUPER HELPFUL –The second part of that is you are able to 1. say if the police is still there and 2. you are able to add in your own police whereabouts into Waze. I just recently started using the second part of that, it’s great and helps out fellow “Wazers” on the road.

photo 2

The last reason Waze stands out for me is the ability to type in ANYTHING into the search field and 95% of the time it comes back with what you are looking for. This could be the name of a bar or restaurant, banks, gas stations, or simply a genre. It really works like a charm. Especially if you do not know what city or have the exact address you are looking for. I used this app when I rented a car in Denver a few years ago–it was a lifesaver.

photo 3

I quite literally use this app ALL the time. It’s the truth and this is in no way a paid advertisement. I just REALLY like Waze and I hope you do too!


Losing Mojo: Rants from a 30-something year old

A wise person once said, write what you know. That was a great idea 4 years ago but now most days I don’t even want to look at my blog never mind actually write for it. If it wasn’t for my agreement with Adbeans I would probably stop writing. This is how I feel most days. Most days I’m not even sure why I still have this blog. Lately I have zero motivation to actually write. Let’s face it, I never travel, I’m not made of money so spending money on make up and accessories is far and few between, so what is there to write about?

This is a rather depressing start to a new post huh? Well it was actually inspired by a recent conversation via Facebook. My friend Teresa shared a post that really spoke to me. She vented her frustrations about being a “blogger”. I was immediately like “I feel the same way.” Her frustrations included everything I spoke about in my first paragraph. The bottom line is we feel lost.


I feel lost in a world that I used to feel really good in. Maybe it’s because I actually work a full time non-blogging job unlike most of the people in this industry. Maybe its because I don’t have 10,000 twitter followers or have the SEO sense that a lot of others have. Whatever it is, it really sucks! Having zero motivation to work on your blog that you’ve had for almost 4 years is really a let down. I’m not sure when it started but slowly it’s been approaching. Every month when my Dreamhost bill is debited from my account, I think, why on earth am I still paying for something I never work on anymore.


I missed last years Tbex because I was too poor to afford a flight to Toronto. I am patiently waiting for 2014 to approach so I can start saving my money. Maybe I’ll feel better reconnecting with old friends? I’m really not sure I cant wait until then to get my inspiration back. Another reason I feel disconnected is that I don’t live in a great city for blogging. I LOVE Providence but lets face it, I have to get my ass up to Boston for any meet-ups which I never can attend because they are mid-week. How are you supposed to connect when you can never join in group outings? I’ve considered starting something here in Providence but I literally know 1 other blogger here.

Making Money

When did it become all about the money? SEO this and monazite that, I mean come on, it used to be fun right? When I first started I had “new blogger” written all over my face. I think we often feel depleted when we don’t see signs of our numbers going up which really means you won’t be getting any advertisers and or press trips. PR companies don’t want to send you anywhere if you’ve got a low unique visitor count. So how do you get your numbers up? Good question because for a while there, I would write a lot, comment on other people’s blogs, but yet NOTHING. I’m pretty sure the only people who read this are my friends and family.

Social Media

How many Twitter and Facebook followers does it take to launch a website? Anyone? I tweet all the time and I certainly try my best when it comes to utilizing Facebook pages. Nothing I do on social media seems to be enough to get the word out. I’m stuck in a social media rut. How do I get out? Is it too much to ask to want people to read your blog, subscribe, and comment? Apparently so.

Should I Continue?

That’s a really good question. Apparently Teresa’s Facebook post was enough to spark something in me tonight. Will it continue? How do I get my writing mojo back? How do long term bloggers keep it going? I read plenty of non-travel blogs and I’m curious to know to secret behind sustaining a good blog. Does anyone else feel like this? I sure hope so, there can not be 2 people in this world that feel lost, confused, and a little lonely at times in a blogging world that should make you feel connected, engaged, and determined. Please help a lost blogger out.



Got Money? Funding My Travels To Costa Rica

English: Costa Rica (orthographic projection)

Money and travel seem to go hand in hand. I never seem to have enough money to fund all the traveling I’d like to do. So it seems like a shock to most people when the “girl who is always broke” up and decided to visit Costa Rica.

A few weeks before I decided to apply for the International Volunteer Program I took a look at my finances. Since my travel blogging skills don’t earn me many press trips, it looked like my next trip would be coming out of my own pocket.

My finances are in pretty good shape for the most part, I’ve got some good credit balances which I realize isn’t ideal but it works in my case. So basically I’d like to share how it is possible to travel without breaking the bank.

After checking my finances and seeing just how much I could afford I decided to start applying to volunteer programs. The first program that I was accepted to was Spain actually. However after researching and realizing that the flight to Madrid was going to cost about $1200 it was clear that Spain was just to far. That would be the first thing I would look into if I was a newcomer-distance from where you live.

That being said my choices based on proximity were roughly Mexico and Costa Rica. Guess where I chose?

So once I picked Costa Rica it came down to the amount of time I would want to spend volunteering.  1 week seems like too little and 1 month seems like a little too long. So 2 weeks it is! The price will go up or down depending on how long you are planning on staying.

Lets get down to the numbers shall we:

  • My flight to Costa Rica costs $561
  • My program fee (which goes to your host family for food and room) $545
  • My reservation fee $220

So overall we are looking at around $1300 for two weeks. Not too bad in my eyes.

So besides putting a few of those costs on my credit cards I figured out another REALLY great way to get money (no I didn’t stand on the corner).

The great way is to fundraise!  There is actually a website dedicated to this called GoFundMe.com, which makes it really easy to set up your donation page and collect donations as well. The thing with this is to keep an easy goal in mind. Trying to raise more than $500 can seem almost difficult especially in these hard economic times; unless you have wealthy friends, which in that case send them my way!

So if your thinking about fundraising follow these steps:

  • Set a obtainable goal, mine was $200
  • Spread the word, not just in emails
  • Utilize Facebook and Twitter; the majority of my donations came from friends on Facebook
  • Make sure to personally update your progress; saying things such as “10 more people needed to donate $20″ will make people more incline to donate. $20 doesn’t seem like too much money to most people

I was able to raise $200 in a matter of two weeks, its really very simple! 

The long of the short is that traveling doesn’t have to break your bank account. There are many ways of obtaining money to fund your trips.  As long as you are realistic about how much money you can put towards a trip then I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to travel. Once again I highly recommend volunteering with organisations they are a great way to see the world and do some good at the same time.

October Staff Picks

With the month of October being so fall and halloween obsessed, we decided to make this monthly post  dedicated to some great halloween costume’s and accessories.

After a recent visit to the Spirit Halloween online site and store, we are proudly to present our picks straight from Spirit! Trick or Treat

Top  Gun Womans $49.99


Top Gun Dress Adult Womens Costume

Red Angry Bird $49.99

Red Angry Bird Adult Costume

Lady Gaga $42.99

Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume

Pin Up Sailor $39.99

Pin up Sailor Adult Womens Costume

Jersey Shore Snooki $34.99

Jersey Shore Snooki Adult Women's Costume

Michael Jackson Kit $29.99

Michael Jackson Kit

Where’s Waldo Wenda Kit $34.99

Where's Waldo Wenda Adult Kit

Sarah Palin Kit $9.98Sarah Palin Kit