Road Trip Style Warrior: What To Wear On The Road

Ok so this might just be one of the GREATEST collections I’ve put together thus far-I may even be splurging a bit to grab some of these fantastic items!

It’s no secret that road trips are my favorite form of travel-I’ve written several posts about how much I do indeed love them.

However this will be the first time that I bring you up close and personal with some serious MUST have items when on the road.

We all know some basics are hats, accessories, sneakers; ya know the usual. Lets take it one step further and showcase this AMAZING collection.

Don’t say I didn’t warn  you!

Oh and by the way I managed to keep each item under $50

Lets talk about HATS: I seriously love a good retro style hat

Shoes are a must right? Ok so keep some different ones handy; running shoes, flip-flops, CHUCKS

Books are a must; especially those about road trips or just filled with useless fun facts

Dry Shampoo is one of the best inventions and quite possibly the best invention for travel–try some out!

Accessories should be kept simple; you’ll want to mix and match scarves and jewelry

A mix of comfy clothes and something semi-nice is always recommended  too

Ok so there you go! Get to shopping and to road tripping!


Road Trip Style Warrior

Graphic t shirt
$20 –

Scoop neck tank
18 CAD –

Victoria’s Secret cropped pants
$39 –

Blonde + Blonde ripped jeans
£30 –

Converse shoes
$45 –

Havaianas gold flip flops
£15 –

Saucony white shoes
$45 –

Canvas tote
$20 –

Madewell indian jewelry
$14 –

Brimmed hat
$30 –

Lulu Guinness red umbrella
$50 –

H M scarve
£6.99 –

Lipsy bow belt
£10 –

Philosophy body cleanser
£14 –

Philosophy beauty product
$18 –

Tigi hair
€27 –

Fashion Travel Must-Haves Under $50

With two upcoming trips I wouldn’t be a Fashionista if I hadn’t thought about what I plan on packing. Yes these trips are still weeks away, but hey I’m a planner.  I find it best to buy a few things that you can get multiple trips out of.

-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if your going to buy two new things for upcoming trips PLEASE make  it a blazer and a fedora style hat. I promise you will not be disappointed

-Everyone know that packing sunblock and sunglasses are a must so see if you like my picks for these items

-Accessories are another must–you can change-up any outfit with scarves, jewelry, and handbags

While staying on budget of $50 per item you will find great deals that will most definitely get you through the bulk of your summer travel plans.

Fashion Travel Must-Haves Under $50

H m jacket
£25 –

Beach tote bag
$28 –

Heart ring
£3 –

Oasis lace hat
$27 –

Mango polka dot scarve
£18 –

H&m sunglasses
£4.99 –

BareMinerals lip gloss
$18 –

Sun care
$16 –

Victoria s Secret beauty product
$18 –