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What’s on tap?

What’s on tap?
What’s on tap?

Happy Friday y’all! It’s pretty rare that I write on a Friday morning but so far it’s been a fabulous day! After talking to a colleague during this dreadful summer job I have going, it was suggested that I write a bit more about weekend’s. It makes sense, weekends make the world go ’round. Everyone is always waiting for the weekend so why not talk about them.

So I ask you, what’s on tap for your weekend? This weekend I don’t have too much going on. Last weekend as you know I was in Maine and that was super awesome!

This is on tap for me:

Tonight: Hanging out with someone who makes my heart happy, after I work until 6pm. Chances are I’ll be passed out by 10pm. Working Friday’s make me so tired–really puts a damper on my night.

Saturday is slightly more exciting.  Getting up a tad early for a much-needed haircut with my favorite hairdresser! There is nothing better than a cut and color to boost a girls mood! Saturday afternoon I will be bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my best friends weddings! I should really lay off the late-night snacks if I’m going to fit into a dress. A couple of weekends ago I went out on a Saturday night and didn’t get home until 4am, that is NOT happening this weekend. I’m hoping to hit up the Hot Club Saturday night for a bit with my friend Jess.

I have nothing planned for Sunday at the moment and that’s kinda how I like it.

Soooo what are you doing this weekend? Here’s hoping its great! Enjoy!

Rhumb Line Resort: A Secret Gem in the Heart of Kennebunkport, ME

Rhumb Line Resort: A Secret Gem in the Heart of Kennebunkport, ME
Rhumb Line Resort: A Secret Gem in the Heart of Kennebunkport, ME


Located next to the town of Kennebunk, Maine sits the town of Kennebunkport. A small town that is home to the Bush family summer-house, luxurious Inn’s and B&B’s, ocean views, and small town charm.

When choosing to vacation in Kennebunkport, there are a variety of accommodations to choose from. One accommodation in particular that has stood out to us is the Rhumb Line Resort, located just steps from the bustling small town of Kennebunk.  Here at the Rhumb Line you will find a family friendly atmosphere. Upon arrival we were greeted with friendly staff and an overall feeling of home.  The grounds of this resort are kept neat and tidy as well as each individual guest room.  You won’t find frills here but for the location and price you don’t need any.


With this resort being so family friendly you will find two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, also a hot tub and fitness center.  Vacationing here in the summer you can make great use of the outdoor pool and small outdoor restaurant/grille, where they often have lobster bakes.  There is plenty of room for children to swim and play with their spacious pool and outside space.


If you decide to venture out into town you can either drive or take their convenient trolley that stops by right outside this resort.  There are quite a few restaurants and small boutique shops in the nearby town of Kennebunk.  We  also recommend taking a drive to Walker Point where you can see from Ocean Drive a view of President Bush’s family summer home.


We fell in love with the town of Kennebunkport and also Kennebunk. If you are looking for a family vacation that won’t break your bank account then we would recommend the Rhumb Line Resort. You can’t go wrong with the locationamenities, and price that this resort has to offer.