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The 12 Days of Pink: Glistening Goddesses

Ok, so today’s post is slightly different than what we normally post. This year we have been trying to keep it semi-local (Rhode Island) and one of our favorite places to go to is Glistening Goddesses. Like the name says, you will glisten after visiting. Glistening Goddesses is a full service spray tanning salon. Glistening Goddesses is located in Johnston,

The 12 Days of Pink: Starlet Glam Bath & Body

Starlet Glam is a high end, luxurious collection of bath & body products born out of an addiction ~ and an indulgence. It’s a blend of glamorous beauty, health and well being. All products were created to nourish the skin to perfection. The decadent scents are known to cling to the skin and linger making our collection extra special! They’ll
Pool table

New York City: A Hostel Experience

Have you ever stayed in a hostel before? Oh you have? Then I guess its just me. A 29 year old hostel virgin is what I was up until last weekend. I wish I could say that my first hostel experience was somewhere exotic like Thailand but alas it was none other than New York City. A city that is 3hours from

A To Z Of Little Old Me

After reading a post entitled “ABC’s of me” and deciding that it was a genius idea for a blog post, I thought why not give it a try and see what I come up with! Here goes nothing! Its harder then it looks… American Airlines is the airline I will be taking on my very first solo trip to Costa Rica. Bathing Suits

Photo Of The Day: Transit Chairs By Boris Bally

These chairs can be actually purchased through Boris Bally which actually happens to be in my home state of Rhode Island! Small world! These chairs are something else!   Materials re-used traffic signs, champagne corks, steel hardware Techniques Humanufactured® (hand-fabricated, pierced, brake-formed, finished) Dimensions 49 1/2 x 17 x 22″ each