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Review: Anastasia Brow Wiz

Eyebrows, the topic of conversation one day at Sephora. Some of you might remember that I “over-plucked” my brows last year and if you were curious, yes they are STILL growing back in! While I’ve been tending to my brows, I’ve noticed that they are rather bushy and dull looking. I’ve been trying to shape them but it seemed they

Sample sized savings

I love trying out new beauty products. It can often be hard to find new items without spending a fortune on regular sized products. The travel section of stores is often limited to when it comes to different brand. We have discovered some not-so secrets when it comes to trying out new products. The first being Birchbox. This is a

Eye Studio® Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

So its actually been quite awhile since I’ve bought makeup that  hasn’t been Sephora brand or Avon.  Except while I was at CVS the other day buying body lotion (cocoa butter) to be exact I stumbled upon this new eye shadow by Maybelline. I had seen the commercials but never really thought anything of it, but then thought hey why not try it

The gift for the person you “don’t like”

I think we have all been in those situations, situations that involve buying presents for people we don’t really like. Maybe its a co-worker, a family member or simply someone that you don’t know very well. Either way the situation is awkward and you never know what to buy them. Take a look a few of these ideas and see if the