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The 12 Days of Pink: Glistening Goddesses

Ok, so today’s post is slightly different than what we normally post. This year we have been trying to keep it semi-local (Rhode Island) and one of our favorite places to go to is Glistening Goddesses. Like the name says, you will glisten after visiting. Glistening Goddesses is a full service spray tanning salon. Glistening Goddesses is located in Johnston,

The 12 Days of Pink: The WynBrit Boutique

Today’s 12 Days of Pink post is one that I stumbled upon on at my favorite local shop. The WynBritBoutique is local and can be bought online via Etsy and it is also sold at Luniac Glamour (told you we would be mentioning this great little store a lot). Some of their great items include hair combs, headbands, barrettes, earrings, and

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Bondi-Hang It On

This might be the newest item on my wish list for Santa. Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you… Bondi is a multi-purpose accessory for your phone and or office needs. We were first drawn to Bondi for its ability to hold your phone and hang from your rear-view mirror in your car. Using it for a gps, hands free, and also a
4 awesome colors

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: Obol, The Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

What is the perfect cereal to milk ratio? Anyone? That is one thing I just never get right…until now. This cereal bowl may seem a bit much but can you really put a price on having crunchy cereal throughout your entire bowl? I think not. So check out the Obol which is making soggy cereal a thing of the past. Here’s
"he's almost to gay to function"

The 12 Day’s Of Pink: On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

Boo, you whore… Pardon our  language but if anyone is obsessed with the movie Mean Girls like we are than you will appreciate the language and this AWESOME tote bag! We’ll be sure to take this everywhere–it’d probably make for an awesome conversation piece! …and if you see Santa, tell him he can order mine here Handle Color Options Include: Natural Red