5 Bad Habits to Break

Habits can be good or bad but in my case they tend to be mostly bad. I have a lot of bad habits across the board.  It got me thinking that perhaps other people shared similar if not the same bad habit. If we work together I think we can break some of these. With... Read more »

Save Money When Traveling: Pack These 5 Items

Traveling is expensive, that’s no secret. From booking flights to hotels, cheap is never really a word we would use to describe traveling.  When you can lighten the financial load, that’s always a plus.  I often find it helpful if I pack items that you might typically buy when you’re traveling. Most of these items... Read more »

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Day’s 6-8

It’s official I finished my first full week of volunteering.  What a challenge! I honestly didn’t expect it to be this hard. I spent one week working with children aged 10-12, who barely spoke English and I barely speak Spanish-you can imagine the confusion.  Regardless, I’m loving it and I really wish I could give these kids... Read more »

Exhausted In Costa Rica: Day 3

I think that the title of my post really says it all. Today was an exhausting day. 5:45am Wake up! Really hard to do considering that we had gone out the night before. However we didn’t stay too late but late enough when your waking up early. I should mention that last night was really... Read more »