The Best Time To Go Birding In Costa Rica


If you have decided to go birding in Costa Rica, you may want to know when the best time will be to visit this country. It is at a very low equatorial latitude, one of the best for experiencing warm weather most of the year. The weather is typically divided up into the dry and rainy season. Although most people would agree that going during the dry season would be best, that is not completely true. There are times during the rainy season that you can go, and by avoiding the occasional rainstorms that will occur, you can actually see a substantial number of birds. Here are some of the best times to go birding in Costa Rica that will really make your trip exceptional.

When Should You Go Birding In Costa Rica?

According to those that have gone several times, the first four months tend to be the time where rain is less abundant. If you are traveling on the Caribbean slope, you will probably avoid most of the rain. There are volcanic ridges that you can travel to, specifically during January through March. However others will recommend September through October if you will be on the Caribbean side.

Why Would You Want To Go During The Rainy Season?

The primary reason for traveling during this time is that you can have very cloudy days where rain is not going to happen. It is during these times that birds are going to come out. It is recommended that you start early, and once you have found a few good spots to visit, you will likely see hundreds of different birds that you can easily zoom in on with your camera. You could potentially see white hawks, Snowy Cotinga and raptors. You will also see a wide variety of parrots. Therefore, traveling during the dry season will help you avoid the probability of experiencing any rain, but you may miss out on some of the more beautiful birds that prefer moving around when it is overcast.

What Areas Should You Visit During This Time?

Some of the best areas are going to be La Selva Biological Station, Carara National Park, and the beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest. These are locations that will have hundreds of different species of birds, all within the area where you will be visiting. They will often be close enough to see up close, whereas others will require some type of camera or telephoto lens. For example, you will see the beautiful Quetzal, and one of the many other 400 species of birds that are at this location.

If you travel during the dry or rainy season, you will have a high probability of seeing many of the different species that are out there. It is a literal tropical paradise, one that is usually complete with a multitude of different birds that you can see. Not only are they near the rain forest, but in certain areas, you can also see them near the beaches. It is recommended that you spend at least a week or more in Costa Rica if you want to have the best possible chance of seeing as many birds as possible. You might also want to consider changing your travel plans to different months to find out which time would be best for you to see as many birds as possible. Visit for more information.