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Trending: Essie 2013

How weird is that we are already in 2013? I feel like I was just getting used to writing 2012 on everything. However with a new year comes new fabulous finds. Today we stumbled upon some new colors and sleek sticks from Essie.

Essie’s latest nail polish collection is a tribute to snake-skin  metallic. Not only are these colors awesome but they seem to have re-done their bottle design for this set and we love it.

Here’s the skinny:

5 metallic snake-skin colors


lil boa peep


snake it up

snake rattle and roll


Essie Repstyle

Essie Repstyle

So if those hot colors aren’t enough for you, today we discovered something brand new from Essie; Sleek Strips. Similar to those made by Sally Hansen, these boost more color, pattern, and texture than any others that we have seen. It’s unclear when they will be available  in a store near us, since they do not appear on the Essie website.  We’ll be keeping our eyes open at all times.

Essie Sleek Strips

Essie Sleek Strips

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