What Happens in a Hammam Spa Treatment


A hammam ritual steam bath is an Arabian treatment that has been used for thousands of years. While you can still go to places like Morocco for an authentic spa treatment, there are spas everywhere that specialize in these treatments.

They are essentially steam baths followed by a body massage. They are a bit more involved and to some, a little painful. Both men and women can get the spa treatments but men go in one area and women in another.

Getting The Treatment

The person getting the treatment must take off their clothes, sit down and wait. The attendant comes to wash the person getting the treatment using special black soap. A steam shower begins and you are cleansed using the soap and an exfoliating kessa glove. The soap is made of olives, olive oil and eucalyptus. It contains antibacterial properties.

The treatment is not exactly pain-free. The water is almost boiling hot. It gets poured over the person from head to toe. The attendant must do all the washing. The essence of this cleansing ritual is for the person getting the treatment to avoid doing any of the bathing themselves.

It can be a rough bath with some people claiming that their skin is rubbed raw to the point of bleeding. The soap residue is left on to a degree. Once the bathing is done, the steam treatment begins. The massage follows.

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

Anyone can benefit from this exfoliating experience from top to toe. It helps bring new skin cells to the surface and this is rejuvenating. It is ideal for people of all ages except for pregnant women. It helps skin look younger. While it can feel uncomfortable, it is meant to be vigorous to help remove all traces of dead skin and improve circulation.

Being in the steam also detoxifies your system for better health. The experience is one that is healthy for your body and your mind. You an buy hammam ritual kit and do not have to travel to Morocco to get an authentic Hammam Spa Treatment.

Look for local spas that offer these rituals. You will come away feeling fresh and detoxified. In a traditional Moroccan Hammam, you might not get the comforts of a modern spa. You might be able to enjoy a comfortable robe and a seat in the spa lounge with a glass of fruit infused water and a great view of a big-screen television.